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ABOUT: To bring the community together to further awareness of benefits of a healthy lifestyle that includes walking, exercise and healthy food choices.

WHEN: Starts Jan 2nd, 2014 and ends when we reach the MOON!

GET INVOLVED: Upload your steps and miles on this webpage OR with any CityByApp® mobile App (instructions below).

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APP Instructions:

1) Open any CityByApp® mobile App and tap the “MORE” tab, then tap “Walk to the Moon – Login”.

2) Log in with Facebook (preferred) OR with your Email address.

3) Enter and submit your steps or miles.  Every time you “Submit” your progress, along with the community total, is updated!

4) Click the “Share App” tab in the App to tell your family & friends via email, SMS, Twitter or Facebook!

TIPWhen you log in with Facebook, you’ll have the option to share your daily progress on your wall. Just do it! =)



Walk To The Moon with Our Community

Murrieta, CA – January 15, 2014. Hospitals, schools, community groups and a variety of civic agencies in Southwest Riverside County have joined together to create a healthy communities walking campaign. Participants will log their steps or miles into a website that will tally the mileage walked from now through April 27. The event culminates on Sunday April 27 at Diamond Stadium with the Lake Elsinore Storm and a community celebration.

“Walk To The Moon With Our Community” was conceived as a way to begin a community-wide effort toward a healthier lifestyle and to engage in more exercise. “We are excited to work with other hospitals, schools, public agencies and businesses to encourage each other as a community, to walk and log those steps into the website,” says Cynthia Clark, Director of Employee & Community Wellness for Loma Linda University Medical Center Murrieta. “Simple daily exercise can have a big health payoff! We want to encourage people to add more steps to their days. As a community we can walk the 238,900 miles it takes to get to the moon, together!”

The final celebration on April 27 will mark the beginning of a new collaboration toward a healthier community. The “Southwest Riverside County Healthy Community Collaboration” will continue to create and promote health initiatives here in our communities. Members of the collaboration will include representatives from hospitals, school districts, businesses, civic agencies and community groups.

Moderate and regular exercise has been shown to have dramatic positive impact on health factors including improved cardiovascular health, reduction in the development of type 2 diabetes, improved mental and emotional health, improved brain function and stronger bones.

To log your mileage go to http://citybyapp.com/walktothemoon/. You will enter an email address to create your account but your email will not be used or sold for any third party activity.

If you would like to have materials to promote this event please email Loma Linda University Medical Center – Murrieta


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